When you think of Hermanus you think of whales. When I think of Hermanus I think of wine, the beach, the wine farms, the beach and the wine cellars. And of cause let’s not forget the wine and the beach. But right now I just want to talk about the wine. The wine.

I for one like red dry wine. Or is it dry red wine? I don’t know, either way it must be red and dry. The Funny thing is when I was a kid and someone spoke of “dry” wine I was confused out of my mind. Perplexed really. I mean how can liquid be dry?? What on earth do you mean? I spent hours trying to figure this out. I’m just kidding I did not have hours to spend thinking of the mysteries of alcohol. 30 seconds was enough pondering over wine. I only really started increasing the time to hours when I got to university and started playing the game “30 seconds” over a good box of wine among friends every once in a while. However, that is besides the topic.

Unlike my childhood years, I now have more time allocated to wine. I even started working in the wine industry. Not as a connoisseur. However that would have been nice…professional drinker. But yes anyhow,  I work for a wine hopping company. The Hermanus Wine Hoppers. It’s like club hopping, but only with wine. Basically what it is is a means to give you access to world class wines at an affordable price and good service.

Unlike clubs in Long Street, wine cellars in the Hemel en Aarde Valley are separated by hectares of beautiful vineyards and peaceful mountain valleys. The other incredible thing about the Hermanus Wine Route is the short distance between the cellars, which makes for exciting wine hopping. Not only that, it is only boutique wine cellars. Yes, all the wine farms are on the 22km R320 road (A.K.A the “Hermanus Wine Route”) within close proximity to each other. And No. You would not wish to walk your way through the valley. That is where the Hermanus Wine Hoppers come in.

The Hermanus Wine Hoppers provides an adventurous safari hop-on-hop-off service on the Hermanus Wine Route. The fleet of safari vehicles offers the pleasure of enjoying your wine tasting experience (of classic wines) without fears of driving yourself. Quite an adventure really. Also, some people are not so into wine so they just catch the hop-on safari to enjoy the majestic beauty and the history of the wine farms. Each winery has its own personality…so there is definitely history there. You can visit up to 10 wineries in one day. I won’t even say how many wines you’re likely to taste. All I’m saying is: Brace Yourself.




  1. I always find it interesting to discover new places. Thank you for sharing. What I would love to see in this article is more about your personal experience. What is wine hopping like for you? What you do get out of travelling to this place?

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